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Insomnia BluRay 720p 550MB

Info: IMDB Ratings: 7.2/10 from 89,820 users
Two homicide detectives from Los Angeles are sent to a northern city where the sun does not set to investigate the methodical murder a local teenager. Read more »

Salvation Boulevard (2011) LIMITED BluRay 720p 550MB

Info: IMDB
Set in the world of mega-churches in which a former Deadhead become born-again Christian, is in the careers of members of the fundamentalists of his mega-church that will do anything to protect their larger-than-life as a shepherd. Read more »

The Debt (2010) DVDRip 450MB

Info: IMDB 7.1/10 from 4,776 users
The spy thriller begins in 1997, shocking news comes as retired Mossad secret agents Rachel (Helen Mirren) and Stefan (Tom Wilkinson) about his former colleague David (Ciarán Hinds). Read more »

50/50 (2011) DVDScr 400MB

Info; IMDB Ratings: 8.3/10 from 9,408 users
Adam is a writer for 27 years of radio programs and has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer of the spine. With the help of his best friend, her mother and a young therapist cancer center, Adam learns what and who the most important things in life are. Read more »

Juno BluRay 720p 600MB

Info: IMDB Ratings: 7.8/10 from 188,342 users
A tale told by four seasons, starting in autumn when Juno, 16-year-old high school in Minnesota, discovers she is pregnant after an event in a chair with his best friend, Bleeker. In the waiting room of an abortion clinic, the quirky and whip-sharp Juno decides to give birth and to place the child with an adoptive couple. Read more »